• Benefits
  • Back of the House Optimization

MenuMax is your 24 hour ticket to complete Back of the House optimization. No downloads, no installations, access MenuMax at anytime, from anywhere with Internet access.

MenuMax is a fully automated Web-based recipe and menu management system designed to take the pain out of everyday operational tasks. With MenuMax you can obtain detailed nutrition information based on your personal recipes, organize and plan menus, and calculate food costs. At MenuMax our goal is to maximize your efficiency and profit margins.

Menu Engineering
  • Unlimited menu engineering
  • Organize your recipes and menus by categories
  • Plan for future events or limited time offers
  • Update and reuse archived menus
Nutrition Analysis
  • Unlimited nutrition analysis on all recipes
  • More than 27,000 ingredients integrated from the ESHA Nutrient Database to ensure accurate nutrition analysis
  • Most accurate single-recipe and full-menu nutrition analysis
  • Meet consumer demands and comply with menu labeling laws
  • Generate labels in various formats (e.g., print and web sharing)
  • Safely stored on the web & accessible from anywhere
  • Printing options for nutrition labels, including the ability for web sharing
Food Costing
  • Order guide linking for food costing in MenuMax
  • Multiple order guide storage keeps all your data safe, paperless and easy to view
  • Maximize your profits by analyzing your food costs and percentages with every menu change
Inventory Management
  • Ability to customize your inventory experience
  • Organize products into categories/locations for easy inventory management
  • Create detailed count sheets
  • Customize inventory locations to fit your business
  • Organize and search for invoices
  • Obtain detailed inventory reports
  • Revolutionary BOH optimization tool
The World's Smartest Recipe Importer

One-click import from a variety of formats, including Word, text files and ChefTec™

Recipe Clipper

One-click import from popular websites, including The Food Channel, Plate, Allrecipes, Epicurious, The Food Network, Tyson Foods, and more

Recipe Vault
  • Secure Web-based recipe storage accessible anywhere there is Internet access
  • Upload multiple images
  • Sub-recipe integration
  • Culinary or foodservice viewing styles
  • Baker's percentage option
  • Convert to metric or U.S. unit of measure
  • Print and share recipes in various formats such as index cards or full pages
  • Professional-quality recipes from trusted partners
Messaging and Sharing
  • Unique Inbox lets you exchange messages and share recipes with other restaurants in the system and with your distributors
  • Notifications of product specials, promotions and introductions are seamlessly integrated into the experience
The World's Smartest Order Guide Importer
  • One-click import from a variety of formats
  • Easily updated to reflect price changes
With our new ROI calculator you can analyze what your profits could be if you use MenuMax!