• Inventory
  • Enhancing Your Back of the House Optimization

With MenuMax it has never been easier to manage your inventory and know where your money is going.

At MenuMax we understand that you need an inventory management system that will work for you and your business, so MenuMax allows you to customize your inventory experience. Modify locations to fit your unique business, organize products into categories/locations for easy inventory management and create detailed count sheets that let you count inventory the way you want to.

The uncertainty of the economy and rising food costs keep restaurant operators on edge. To keep costs in check, it is important to maintain a detailed record of your inventory. With MenuMax, subscribers are able to keep detailed track of their invoices, receive reports, and conduct inventory counts based on their customized count sheets. MenuMax's inventory management system gives you the information you need and helps you organize your business.

Inventory Management
  • Ability to customize your inventory experience
  • Organize products into categories/locations for easy inventory management
  • Create detailed count sheets
  • Customize inventory locations to fit your business
  • Organize and search for invoices
  • Obtain detailed inventory reports

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