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  • Back of House Restaurant Optimization Software
    for the Restaurant Industry

MenuMax is the most complete BOH software for the Restaurant Industry.
In the Foodservice Industry the menu is the face of the restaurant.

MenuMax.com is a fully automated web-based recipe and menu management system designed for BOH optimization. At MenuMax our goal is to create operational efficiency and maximize profit margins.

We know you rarely have the time to modernize the way you manage your business,

and the tediousness of BOH restaurant software hasn't helped. Tasks such as calculating food costs and compiling the nutrition information of recipes have become headaches for many in the Foodservice Industry. That's why we've invested our resources to simplify the toughest tasks such as nutrition analysis, food costing, and menu engineering.

MenuMax is fully Web-based, so you can access your account anytime, anywhere.
  • Easily organize your recipes into as many menus as you want
  • Instantly obtain food cost for every plate you serve
  • Obtain detailed nutrition analysis of every dish
  • Learn about money-saving promotions and new products
  • And much more
Uploading your recipes use to be difficult – not anymore.

This isn’t just any old digital recipe box – MenuMax effortlessly imports recipes of any form and turns them into a menu management system with only a few simple steps! Your recipe vault becomes a living catalog of the ingredients you buy.